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Protect Western Meadowlark Habitat

Much of the United States once supported a vast sea of native prairie grasslands. But in just four years, 5.7 million acres of grasslands were plowed for agricultural development. Today, over 90 percent of the remaining native prairies across the country have been converted to cropland — destroying much of the habitat that the western meadowlark depends on. As Congress debates the 2018 Farm Bill, we need you to speak out today for the western meadowlark, and urge your senators to protect native prairies in your state. Including and expanded “Sodsaver” provision in the 2018 Farm Bill will help to protect grasslands and reduce current taxpayer-funded incentives to convert our remaining native prairies to cropland. Help protect western meadowlark habitat by sending a letter to your senators, urging them to support expanding Sodsaver to include your state.